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About Us Competitiveness Awards
Maxic Technology Corporation was founded in 2008 by a group of tech business leaders back from Silicon Valley. Maxic is a high-tech enterprise, providing efficient wireless charging and LED driver solutions. 
Maxic's key strengths are "TQRDC" which enable us to provide good support to our customers
Technology  Focus on innovation and strive to make a lead in IC design industry
Quality — Believe in producing high quality products
Response — Response to customer is always our first priority
Delivery — Deliver goods faster with our efficient supply chain
Cost — Provide optimized cost of the product in the industry
With the core techniques in wireless charging and LED driver, we have nearly 100 domestic and international patents to our name. Maxic introduced the 30W+ wireless quick charging controller for smartphones to realize the high efficiency. The reverse charging function also embedded in it. Moreover, Maxic developed single-stage high power factor algorithm and constant current algorithm, establishing a milestone in the design of a concise high power factor LED driver.
Maxic has been awarded as Beijing Science and Technology Award, “Asian 100” by RED HERRING, “Silicon 60” by EE Times USA, “China’s Top 10 Potential IC Design Company” by EE Times China, Top 100 High Growth Enterprise and many more. Nowadays, Maxic is recognized by semiconductor industry. We constantly strive to provide high quality products and services to become an international leading enterprise in IC design in the future.


  • Founders are from US Silicon Valley and famous universities
  • Experienced semiconductor company with billions of shipments
  • 30W wireless quick charging chip
  • Nearly 100 domestic and international patents