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The MT7844S is a high-PF, non-isolate LED Driver IC. The floating-ground, high-side BUCK topology makes full wave detection possible. High precision output current is achieved.  MT7844S works in Quasi-Resonant Mode (QRM), which improves both of efficiency and EMI performance. The system integrates the ultra-high voltage power supply circuit, the start-up resistor and power supply diode are not needed. Low external component count and cost is achieved. 
Various protections such as over voltage protection (OVP), over current protection (OCP) and over temperature compensation, etc. are embedded to improve reliability. The MT7844S integrates 550V MOSFET, which further simplifies external circuit.



  • Single-stage active power factor correction (PF>0.90)
  • Ultra-high voltage power supply without start-up resistor and power supply diode
  • High accurate LED current (±3%) 
  • Good Line and Load Regulation (±2%) 
  • Quasi-Resonant mode (QRM) operation 
  • Various protection schemes
  • Available in SOP7 packages