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MT7636 is a controller for removing the 100/120Hz LED current ripple on high PF pre-driver circuit. The adaptive technology of MT7636 ensures minimum power dissipation while removing LED current ripple.
MT7636 can drive a single LED string with the external MOSFET. MT7636 clamps the input voltage on VDD pin by 15V, and clamps the internal maximum current by 15mA. Only one resistor is connected between VDD and Vin+, when the clamping current is too high, which is caused by large input voltage (exceeding 15V). MT7636 can flexibly adjust LED peak current by the sensing resistor between the MOSFET source and ground, which avoids the LED and the MOSFET damaged when LED short connected or hot plug. 
With built-in temperature compensation, the system automatically adjusts the current ripple at high temperature to reduce MOSFET power dissipation and ensures system reliability.



  • Removing 100/120Hz ripple current 
  • Build-in VDD clamp voltage: 15V
  • Simplified peripheral circuits
  • Auto-adjust current ripple at high temperature
  • Over temperature protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Available in SOT23-6 package