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MT7607H is a high current precision linear LED driver. The output constant current is programmable by an external resistor.


MT7607H integrates rectifier bridge, high voltage power MOSFET and JFET supply circuit, so that the peripheral circuit is simplified. It can easily pass EMI without inductor, transformer or other magnetic components, low BOM cost is achieved.


The good line regulation keeps input power constant. MT7607H integrates thermal regulation function to balance the output power and system temperature. The output current will be reduced while the junction temperature goes higher than the threshold, system reliability is guaranteed.



  • Integrated with rectifier bridge
  • Good line regulation keeps input power constant
  • Integrated with 500V power MOSFET
  • LED current set by external resistor
  • Constant current precision: ±5%
  • Low EMI interference
  • Embedded thermal regulation function
  • Available in HSOP7 package