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The MT8812 is a low cost, highly integrated PWM power switch for non-isolated buck and buck-boost application.

MT8812 combines a 500V power MOSFET with the ON/OFF PWM controller. MT8812 can achieve high precision 5V default output at universal AC input. In MT8812, PWM switching frequency with shuffling is fixed to 31KHz, which optimizes EMI performance with guaranteed output power. MT8812 has built-in green mode control for light and zero loading, which can achieve less than 50mW standby power.

MT8812 provides various protection features to enhance the system reliability, including Under Voltage Lockout (UVLO), Cycle-by cycle Current Limiting (OCP), Over Temperature Shutdown (OTP). Over Load Protection (OLP), Short Load Protection (SLP), etc.


  • Built-in 31KHz Oscillator with Frequency Shuffling
  • Integrated with 500V MOSFET and High Voltage Startup Circuit
  • Support Buck and Buck/Boost Topology
  • Ultra Low System BOM Cost
  • Very Low VDD Operation Current.
  • Less than 50mW Standby Power
  • High Precision 5V Default Output
  • ON/OFF Peak Current Mode Control
  • Build in Protection

- Over Load Protection (OLP)

- No-Chip Thermal Shutdown (OTP)

- Cycle-by-Cycle Current Limiting (OCP)

- Leading Edge Blanking (LEB)


  • Available in SOT23-3 / TO-92 Package